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Brand Identity

Iron Horse Industries. Powerful name meets power driven brand.


Brand Campaign

In 2012, I collaborated with fellow Artist Melody Nieves to create a brand for new hip I.T. firm, Langan Technology.

UI/UX Design

Redesigned with the help of design agency Mpire Design And Development. Our main goal was to create a more user friendly site.



This is a collection of my personal work-an exploration in the world of vector art.


My name is Arthur D. McMeans (Mario), I've been in the design field for almost ten years-during those years I've taken on many designer roles-UI/UX Web Designer at, Layout Designer for Reviewit Magazine, Graphic Designer for PR Marketing LLC, Graphic Designer for Mpire Design Group, and freelance work for various startup businesses, but I've received the most of my experience working in the print industry as a Production Artist for ABI Digital Solutions, Daka Printing [closed], and Houston Sign Co.
Because of my hands-on experience as a Print Designer I have a stronger than average understanding of brand management, typography, and layout design. Not to mention there are other valuable skills I've picked up over the years-to go beyond deadlines, customer service, and being thorough, to name a few.

I'm looking for a company that is need of a well rounded Graphic Designer, with strong fundamentals, creative ideas, and capability for growth.

How May I Help You?

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